We Did It!

Genesis to Revelation from August to May!

“The Story has come to an end, and God’s message rings loud and clear: I have opened the door; I have made a way—come to me and have life!

              The Good News has gone out to the world. Jesus has come to provide salvation for us all! All of God’s story has led up to this ultimate news that we can experience and share with others. It has survived for thousands of years, marching forth to all cultures and peoples, leaving behind an incredible wake of transformation and change. Many have tried to put out its fire, but God’s words have proven to be true, “My Word will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.”

              And now, God’s triumphant Word has found its way to you. You’ve read The Story. You’ve heard the truth. You’ve come face to face with the most important message you will ever hear: Jesus, God’s Son, came, lived, died and rose again.”   From The Story, page 471

So now the question remains…What will you do with The Story?

              >How will you align your life with God’s Upper Story?

              >In what ways will you change your focus from “Lower Story Living” to “Upper Story Living?”

              >How do you see God’s Upper Story playing out in your own life?

              >As you live your life in your Lower Story, how are you sharing God’s Upper Story with people around you?

              >In what ways are you inviting people into God’s Upper Story?

God’s blessing on you as you continue to write your chapter of The Greatest Story ever told!
By: Sheila Wilimitis