Todd’s Monthly Letter

Vision, Values, and goals are the hard work it takes to reach a new place for the church.  We are in the middle of sorting out where God wants us to move in our ministries at Delphi UMC.  The blessing is that we are a vibrant church with a compelling message and have built excellent credibility in the community.  Now we need to step into the flow of God’s Spirit and see where the Holy Spirit moves us.  We must proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ in our community and to do that we need to submit to the Lord leading.

For summer, I would like this to be a summer of prayer around three things: 

  • God to move hearts to repentance for individuals, groups, and the church.
  • God to reveal the ways to follow His lead in ministry.
  • God to bring fruit in our lives, the groups of the church, and the church itself.
Why prayer?  It moves us to the heart of God.  Why prayer around these things?  In order to live into God’s call in the world, we need   Holiness of heart.  That Holiness of heart is important in our community for the movement of God in the Holy Spirit.  And the movement of God I am longing for is not a good feeling on Sunday morning.  Frankly, it is to see God change lives, people come to Christ  in baptism, and radical change to take place. 

We need an awakening like no one in our time has witnessed, and prayer is where it begins.