All Paths lead to God

“All paths lead to God.” I really wish this were true. If it were, I wouldn’t have to feel so concerned for those who are following a path other than Christianity.

 I have studied many world religions and philosophies. I have met people around the world who follow paths other than Christianity, and many of them seem to live lives of integrity, peace and love. But Jesus makes it very clear that unless the path leads to the Cross, it does not lead to the One, True and Loving God. The Cross truly changes everything. I can’t think of one other religion or philosophy that includes anything like the Cross; a Savior who takes on our sin so that we can be forgiven of it and set free. We are all Barabbas, a thief and rebel who was freed in exchange for Jesus’ conviction.

 I sometimes think lightly of my own sin because of God’s grace. But when I read about the torture and humiliating abuse perpetrated against innocent Jesus on behalf of my sin, I think again about it’s severity. What Jesus endured was God’s wrath for my sin, and for the sins of the world. It makes me see sin as utterly disgusting.

 I hate it, what Jesus went through. I hate that sin put Him through it. And then, I realize this must be one small measure of how much God hates it. Reading through the Passion narrative always returns me to my knees with deep remorse for my sin, and deep gratitude for Jesus taking my sin upon himself (substitutionary atonement.)

 Life can be downright brutal. Jesus experienced brutality at its depth, and redeemed it. The path of the Cross is the only path that sees the world, our human depravity, and our divine potential as it truly is. May we be faithful leading others to the Cross of death that leads to life.

 I encourage you, this Resurrection season to be praying deeply for those in our church and community and in your life who don’t yet know Jesus as their Savior. Maybe THIS will be their year of Salvation!
Written by Sheila Wilimitis, Director of Discipleship and Outreach at Delphi UMC