Letter to Leaders who serve the body of Christ at Delphi UMC:

First of all, thank you for serving our family of God as leaders in our church. Often, the word “leader” is shied away from. People often don’t feel qualified to lead. And if they do feel qualified, they are afraid to own that for fear of being perceived as arrogant. Let me assure you that leading others is a God-ordained sacred offering of service to God and to His Kingdom. It takes humility, courage and trust in the Holy Spirit–that He will work through your unique personality, spiritual gifts and abilities. Your commitment to God and His Church, your life experience, and your character qualities have contributed to you being placed in a position of leadership under the authority of God, His Word and His Spirit. This is a big responsibility. In your role, you not only lead and influence the direction of our church, but you also model how others can follow Christ fruitfully. I encourage you to carry this responsibility with prayer and humility. But also with confidence in the God who called you and empowers you for such a time as this. Don’t forget, Satan has a kingdom too. And he is out to destroy the Church. In fact, he is out to steal, kill and destroy life from all of the people around us. Our church and our community need strong, confident leaders to push back the darkness and bring the Light of Christ. Take up your mantle with Courage and unashamed Confidence in the God who has called you. We need you! And we appreciate you!