Planning a visit?imnew

Fantastic. We hope to get to meet you!
Here’s what you can expect when you visit us . . .

A casual atmosphere. We’re unpretentious. Come as you are. We think we’re all on a journey together. We have a saying around here: No perfect people allowed. So dress in whatever way is most comfortable, and know that you’ll come to a place where you are welcome, whether you’ve grown up in church or you’re terrified to step into a place you’ve never been.

Expect some good music. We’re really fortunate to have some great musicians who are a part of our church. We have three different worship styles, ranging from traditional to ultra-modern rock. But we think quality music is important in all of our worship services. Somehow, God uses music to ready our hearts, to prepare us, and to enable us to express things to Him in ways that words alone can never accomplish. You can sing along, or just sit and listen.

No pressure to give. We take up an offering at each worship service, but this isn’t an expectation of visitors. When someone becomes a member of the church, they’re saying that they’re a part of us, and we hope members will contribute to the work of our church in Delexpect Hell fire and brimstone, or long confusing words (possibly in a foreign language!), then you’ll be disappointed! Through stories and explaining what the Bible has to say, you’ll find these sermons to be applicable and engaging.

Something for the whole family. On Sunday mornings, we want kids and grown-ups alike to find a place to explore. We have an excellent nursery, kid’s ministries, and worship services open to people of all ages.

Drop us a note in advance of your visit, if you like, and we’d be happy to arrange to have someone meet you and be your host, helping you around and answering any questions you might have. We also have a gathering on the first Sunday of each month at 10am called “Starting Point” that’s designed as a more intimate Q&A time with the pastor and some church leaders, and it’s a chance for guests to learn more about the church and what their best next steps are to grow in a relationship with Jesus. Finally, you can investigate a bit in advance, too, by exploring our worship service archives. We look forward to seeing you soon!