June 2021 Newsletter

July 2019 Newsletter

Methodist Mountain Mission

Once again, we are partnering with Methodist Mountain Mission to collect used clothing and household goods. This organization utilizes donations to assist low income households in their 8 stores throughout eastern Kentucky.  We will be collecting items in our storage barn starting Sunday, September 16th through Sunday, September 23rdAaron, our Facility Manager, will have the barn open at 8:00am. Please place your items to the back of the barn, filling it towards the front. The barn will be locked at 7:00pm each night. Items needed:  Clothing and shoes for all ages, winter coats, children’s backpacks, dishes, pots and pans, linens, tools, toys, paper towels, toilet paper, 33 gallon trash bags, brooms/mops, and used furniture in good shape. **Please note, any small appliances or electronics must be in good working order. Items NOT accepted:  Books, hymnals, out of date electronics, pianos, organs, car seats, and anything broken. If you would like to make a monetary donation, please make your check out to METHODIST MOUNTAIN MISSION and drop it off at the office no later than Monday, Sept. 24th. Thank you for being a church that loves enough to support families!  


Join us June 18 – 21 (Monday through Thursday) for Vacation Bible School! Our theme is “Shipwrecked.” Do you know any children between the ages of 3 (and potty-trained) through entering 6th grade? It’s not too late to register. Just stop by the church office and pick up a paper registration form. This is open to any child. Come learn how we can be rescued by Jesus in any circumstance. Questions? Call the church office at 765-564-3791. 

Monthly Morsel

In the final words of the book of Revelation, the Lord says, “I am making all things new!”  This is when God ushers in the new heaven and new earth. He will wipe away every tear from our eyes. We will enjoy the splendor, majesty and glory of the Lord of lords, the King of kings, God Almighty.  This is not only Truth, but also the hope that we hold onto.

Not only is this so, but our eternal life begins the moment we invite Jesus into our hearts. From that moment on, our spirits are born into a new life–life everlasting in Jesus Christ. Even though we live in the ‘now’ and what that life in Christ means on earth, we long for the ‘not yet,’ when the hope of heaven becomes reality and our faith becomes sight.  Between now and then, we hold fast to Jesus. We live and we love with abandon, because we are free in Christ and share this amazing promise, so others may also know this hope and love.   And that my friends, is the joy that gives strength for the moment, hope for tomorrow, and love for today.

May you know this joy in the depths of your being.
By: Pastor Sheri