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    Journey to the Cross #3
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    Journey to the Cross #2
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    Journey to the Cross
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    Holy Love #2
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Apps World Event: Putting God First!

On Friday, November 13, our Teen Ministry had an exciting first time event at church.  We had 85 6th to 12th grade students join us for a night of games. We played Spider Square (9 square in the Air with spider webs and black lights).  We played Clash of Clans dodgeball where students had to build a cardboard box tower to defend or to protect depending on the rules for each game.  We played Smash Hit (GaGa) which is a variation of dodgeball in a circle.  We played Draw Something which is like Pictionary.  We rented a blowup Obstacle Course that students could race through.  And, we provided pizza, hot dogs, and a room to watch funny videos and take funny pictures.


We had 16 adult volunteers who helped at stations as students rotated through each of the games.  We ended the night with announcements and a short lesson about “Choosing Others”.  I reminded the students how we need to keep God first, Others second, and Me third.  When we put God first, we are able to face anything that comes our way.  When we put Others second, we are able to help and to encourage those around us in faith and in actions.  When we put Myself third, we are able to still look out for our own needs, but only after taking care of the more important things around us that God might be calling us to.


Do you have your priorities in place?   Are you putting God first in your life?  How would those around you know that you are doing this?  How would you be able to describe to someone that you are putting God first?  It is more than mere words.  It is more than a saying.  It is more than just going to church.  It is . . . spending time with God each day/week.  It is . . . looking to God in the midst of good times as well as not so good times.  It is . . . making decisions that reflect God’s Word and direction for your life.


Go ahead.  Make the commitment once again.  You can put God first!


By:  Micah Hudson

Why Do We Value It?

This Sunday, November 8, will be our fourth child protection training session of this calendar year. Thank you so much, to those of you who have taken time to come and be trained.

The question is why do we value child protection training so much at DUMC? Here is the main answer. If we are to be the hands and feet of Christ, part of our job is to help keep each other safe.

There are four basic reasons we train volunteers in child protection.

1. We want adults to understand and be able to recognize the signs of abuse in children and youth.
2. We want to teach adults how to create a safe environment, and how to avoid situations that could be interpreted incorrectly or lead to false accusations.
3. We want to teach adults our church’s policies and procedures in regards to how we handle cases of abuse as a church body.
4. And most importantly, as I stated earlier, if we are to be the hands and feet of Christ, we have an obligation to keep each other safe. We have an obligation to look out for the children around us and to care for adults who have experienced abuse in the past.

HE is calling you to step up and help care for those around you, so please take part in this important training if you work in ANY type of children’s or youth ministries.

Here are the details for this Sunday’s training sessions if you are unsure.
•Initial training (those who have never trained) will be held with Gil Smith in room 212 from 9-11 AM.
• Those needing the refresher course (we re-train every other year) will meet with Danielle Majors in room 216 from 10-11 AM.

If you have questions in regards to when your last training was, please feel free to call or text Ashley Duff (574-967-5604). Please also RSVP to Ashley Duff with a call or text if you will attend one of the sessions this upcoming Sunday.

Thank you, in advance, for making this a priority, and as always thank you for the time that you put into serving those in our church and community!

Marriage Wasn’t Designed to Make Us Happy

What do you mean marriage wasn’t designed to make us happy? What a depressing thought. Of course marriage was designed to make us happy. That is why our society paints a beautiful picture of finding our soul mate, giving the perfect proposal, having an elaborate and symbolic wedding to begin our lives together, and riding off into the sunset in a vehicle with trail of tin cans and the words “Just Married” written for all the world to see. If not to make us happy, then what is it for?
Now don’t get me wrong, I love wedding traditions as much as the next gal, but unfortunately, this “picture of marriage” that our society has painted has led us down a very dangerous path. We’ve been trained to think that marriage is only about fulfilling emptiness in ourselves with the love of another person, and this other person is supposed to complete us and make all our dreams come true. There is only one problem with that. We are marrying a human; an imperfect soul that is also looking to fill the emptiness. How can that work? It can’t. God provided us the chance to have a spouse not to fill our deepest empty spot, but to give us a partner and a help mate as we let HIM fill that deepest empty spot.
I recently posted an article on the church FB page that was shared by Thriving Family, and it was about this very subject. There was one paragraph in particular where the author (Tricia Cunningham from the National Institute of Marriage) perfectly articulated God’s purpose for marriage.
“The purpose of marriage isn’t to “complete” you and make you happy. You may be happy in your marriage, but that is not the purpose. The beauty of a healthy and honoring Christian marriage is that God can and will fulfill the desires of your heart so that the weight of responsibility doesn’t lie on our spouse’s shoulders. What our spouse provides is an opportunity to grow closer to the image of Christ…whether that be through relational highs or relational lows.”
I love that. Marriage gives us the opportunity “to grow closer to the image of Christ”.
If you want to read more wisdom from Tricia Cunningham, check out the article at http://www.nationalmarriage.com/2012/06/loving-your-spouse/?refcd=112602, or just visit the church FB page to find the link.
By: Ashley Duff

Dare To Dream

Have you ever been asked the question, “In your dreams, what would you do if you knew you would not fail?” I have been asked that a few times in my life and depending on the stage of life I was in, I have had different answers. Lately, everyday life has consumed me and it wasn’t until recently that I realized I have forgotten how to dream. My husband and I were contemplating some simple house remodeling and he posed the question, “In your dreams, what would this space look like?” I immediately snapped off a negative answer because I knew the funds weren’t there to make my “dream” space come true so why even fathom the thought? In essence, I was closing the door before it had the chance to even be opened.


Then in hit me: I do that to God all the time. I give reasons why I can’t do certain things for Him or in His name because I think they won’t work. I have stopped dreaming of possibilities that might further His kingdom. Why? Because I tell myself I’m not capable, or it is impossible, or I’m too stretched with other responsibilities, but most of all–what if I FAIL?


Here is a phrase many of you have heard from Pastor Todd: “He doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called.”


If your dream is truly God-inspired, then God will make a way for it to work. And get this, it isn’t because you are the best at whatever it is. But through Him, He will give you the strength and the knowledge in order to accomplish His works. In Matthew 19:26 it says, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”


So the next time you think you have a hair-brained crazy idea, think closely that it might just be a God-given dream. And if there is the slightest possibility you think God planted that idea in your heart, offer it up to Him and see where He leads you.


Dare to dream again folks!
By: Sarah Cross

Honoring God On Facebook?!

I stared at the screen and was secretly turned off by what I read.  The words were flippant, rude, and lacking grace.  The worst part was that they were typed by someone I respected.  (Okay, let’s stop the train right here.  I promise this isn’t going to be a blog where I throw stones at others and forget myself…keep reading.) Has this ever happened to you?  You see a post from someone and it throws you for a loop, because your conversations with them have never hinted that they would say these types of comments out loud.  OUT and LOUD are the key words here.  The words aren’t said out loud…they are written, and social media seems to have given us permission to type things that we might never say out loud to someone. Unfortunately, the impact is that these passive aggressive comments damage our ability to evangelize later on.

As I continued to digest these words, I found God knocking on the door of my heart, and he seemed to be asking me to search myself and my social media habits.  He pointed out to me, that I peruse the vast number of posts way more than He would desire me to.  Have you found yourself becoming addicted to this “social newspaper” of sorts?  This place where you can go for a good laugh, the goings on of your friends, Shutterfly coupons (woo-hoo!), yummy recipes, and sometimes even a good cry?  If so, you aren’t alone.  What’s worse; has it ever taken you away from time you could have spent reading God’s word? (See, I told you I would throw myself under the bus.)

The question is, how can we honor God through our social media habits?  You might think that sounds crazy, but, yes, we can honor God even on Facebook.  He asks us to be His light, and to show the character of Christ in every situation.  So, let’s work together, and encourage each other, to honor God by using social media in moderation and as a tool to build up the souls around us, instead of becoming addicted to it and using it to tear down others.

Friends, we have such a big job here on Earth. Being the hands and feet of Christ is no little task.  Let’s not let ourselves get sucked into the world so completely that we lose sight of this challenging but amazing commission.
By: Ashley Duff

If It Matters To You

“If it matters to you, it matters to Him.” (I apologize to whoever it was that posted this phrase on Facebook that I am not giving credit to. I can’t seem to remember who you were!) When I read this line it hit me like a ton of bricks. Maybe you can relate to this scenario:  You are in a group of people and it is time to share prayer requests and praises. You cringe at the thought of sharing. You don’t want to open up to anyone about the big stresses in your life, let alone the things that might seem miniscule to others. Plus, sharing the good things might seem like bragging. So, you sit there quietly listening to others share, then keep your mouth shut when it comes to your turn. This is me to a T. Why would I want to burden others, let alone God, with my problems? I can handle it on my own, right? And, why would I want to pray to God with my “little things” in life? I don’t want to seem like a bother to anyone, especially God.

But Matthew 11:28 says, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Notice it says ALL. It does not say, “Everyone but you.” What is also interesting is that this verse is an if/then statement—meaning, IF you come to me, THEN I will give you rest. Well slap my hand to my forehead! If I don’t come to Him, then how am I to get any sort of rest/resolution/decision/closure? What a light bulb moment for me! From my big to my little problems, which I might “think” matter only to me, they really do matter to Him as well. I just have to go to Him first. It is that simple. I love simple!

So the next time you think you are NOT going to pray about something, remember: “If it matters to you, it matters to Him.”


By:  Sarah Cross


“Just to know You and to make You known
We lift Your name on High
Shine like the sun make darkness run and hide
We know we were made for so much more
Than ordinary lives
It’s time for us to more than just survive
We were made to thrive”

Last Sunday you saw a promotional video for our new children’s corporate worship service, and these were the words being sung in the background. Why? Because we want your children and your families to thrive. This new service for children, Growth Point, is meant to give your child a chance to worship, give an offering, hear God’s word, and learn about prayer among peers so that they grow as one body and can support each other. They’ll meet in room 211, which is the large children’s meeting room. At the same time, Branch Out will meet in the first children’s classroom as you go down the children’s hallway. This will be a time for parents to converse with one another in a casual environment over a cup of coffee. Other parents can be our best resources, and we hope that getting to know other families and learning how they are “doing life” in Christian homes, will be a great asset to you. Both begin at 10am this Sunday!
By: Ashley Duff

Just Say Jesus

Sarah’s Confession Time: I am not a good “Pray-er.” Now, don’t get me wrong. I DO pray and I CAN pray. What I am saying is that I am NOT one of those eloquent people you hear pray on Sundays who seem to have just the right words, or the TV Evangelist who prays over the masses, or even my Dad who always seems to be the appointed one to pray before extended family meals. I am more of a “conversationalist” with God when it comes to my prayers. I pray in simple thoughts and easy words. And get this, often times I get side-tracked, interrupted, forget what I was praying about, or even fall asleep!

Sometimes, when I am down or feeling utterly helpless, I have NO words to pray…NADA. I know I NEED to pray, but honestly there are times when I have absolutely nothing. Can anyone relate? Maybe you are completely exhausted, distraught, afraid and ashamed, have a broken heart, have been hurt so bad that you are angry, or stressed about life at the moment. While I don’t have answers to any of these problems, I can say that you are definitely not alone. When I don’t have the” right” words to pray, I am reminded of the song, “Just Say Jesus” (2013) by 7eventh Time Down. You know, God already knows what is in your heart; He just wants you to come to Him. So even if all you can get out at the time is “Jesus,” then that is more than enough for Him. I have included the lyrics of the chorus that have helped me so many times. I hope it helps you too.
When you don’t know what to say
Just say Jesus
There’s still power in the name
The name of Jesus
If the words won’t come
Cause you’re too afraid to pray
If the words won’t come
And you don’t know what to say
Just say Jesus
By:  Sarah Cross

First week of August!

It is a great week at Delphi community!
Tomorrow, Wednesday, August 5, our church is hosting the Mobile Food Pantry from Food Finders from 11am to 1pm.  We could use many volunteers to help in various ways!
Wednesday through Saturday is the Old Settlers downtown Delphi.
Friday morning is the Superintendents Prayer Breakfast at 7am at Delphi HS Little Theater.
Friday evening is the Chicken BBQ from 4:30 to 7:30pm at our church to raise $ for camps and missions!
Sunday evening is the Pray Around Delphi Schools at 5pm, August 9.  This will be a community event for anyone to pray for our schools as their new school year starts on Tuesday, August 11.  We will pray together and around the school for approximately 30 minutes.


VBS 2015

It’s an exciting time at Delphi United Methodist Church, planning for this year’s Vacation Bible School! For many children, this is their first experience meeting Jesus and what a wonderful opportunity that is!! I remember taking my children to VBS when they were little. They always came home, telling me what they had done, what they had learned. They couldn’t wait to go back for more. The stories and songs that they learned are ones they still remember today (and they’re in their 30’s).

God created the heaven and the earth, He made us, He wants to be with us, He wants us to know Him, He sent His son to die for our sins and He offers us life eternal! These are the lessons our children will learn this week. Come and celebrate the best gift there is – the gift of eternal life!

Snacks, crafts, music and songs, stories, games and a whole lot of fun – VBS is a wonderful adventure. While the theme of God’s love and gift of salvation through Jesus Christ is ever present, the method of delivering that message is ever changing. We love to sing and dance, praising God for all His goodness. We make amazing crafts and have theme-based snacks. Join us and see where God’s love takes you and your children. I can promise you this: it’s an amazing adventure at the Sun Spark Labs VBS Show. See you there.

By: Ruth Miller